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Breathe easier with AEROBIKA

The AEROBIKA therapy system helps you to breathe easier and live better by addressing the need of mucus clearance.


Reclaim your independence and mobility

AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare supplies a wide range of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) devices that can help you to get the most out of each breath.


Over 1 million patients worldwide now treated at home by AIR LIQUIDE Healthcare

Home Respiratory

Air Liquide Healthcare brings you the best the world has to offer in respiratory care, products & services. Learn more.





Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) Rental Program

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Hire Flexible and affordable rental options to suit your lifestyle and oxygen therapy needs. Learn More.




CPAP Therapy

An affordable rental program starting from only $2 a day! Learn more.





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Sleep Diagnostic Services

Our clinics provide specialised diagnostic tests and treatment for a variety of sleep disorders. Every sleep study is reviewed & reported by a specialist sleep physician. Learn more.





Medical Gases & Services

Air Liquide Healthcare provides healthcare practitioners with medical gases, laboratory gases and an extensive range of services and equipment to best meet their needs.

With the launch of our new integrated cylinder TAKEO2™, we introduce an innovative solution for enhanced patient safety and cost efficiency. Learn more.