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Changing care. With you.

Because there are more of us.

Because we live longer.

Because today, diseases last.

Because health has a cost.

We think we need to change the way we care.


Change begins with you, the patients.

Putting you back at the heart of the healthcare

agenda, this is the challenge of our time.

By being closer, better listeners, more

connected- to your needs, to your daily life

and to those who help you, family and close

ones. By giving everyone the means to better

engage and be an actor of their own health,

to understand and live with their disease.


Change is only possible with you and for you,

the healthcare professionals, hospitals, institutions,

and other public and private healthcare players.

Because it’s through better sharing of information

and responsibilities, that we will be able to better

coordinate ourselves around patients and to support

change in the hospital. So we can give everyone the

guarantee of being well cared for, no matter where,

whether in hospital, a healthcare centre or at home.


For a health system that is more efficient

and more virtuous for all. With the means

to take care of everyone, for the long run.


Tomorrow, healthcare is all about you,

and us by your side.