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Aged care

Trusted provider for over 20 years

Should you require any assistance or advice on our products or services, do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Air Liquide Healthcare provides aged care facilities with everything your facility needs, whether it’s medical oxygen, equipment, maintenance, staff training or assistance with accreditation.

We understand that your top priority in aged care is to provide a high level of care to patients. Managing the services within your facility is complex and challenging. That’s why we’ve developed products and solutions to make this job easier for you.

We have a range of tailored equipment and provide expert advice about what’s right for you.

We can train your staff and provide ongoing maintenance and support so the equipment is ready to use when you need it most, and you can focus on the most important people – your patients.

Air Liquide Healthcare has been a trusted partner to Australian aged care facilities for over 20 years, delivering reliable service and products.

We’re ISO9001 accredited and can provide you with all the documentation required to be a provider of your facility.

Air Liquide Healthcare provides assistance in completing the government oxygen funding supplement for eligible aged care residents. To be eligible for an oxygen supplement, a resident must have an ongoing chronic medical need for oxygen. Supplements are not available for episodic or short term-illnesses. The oxygen supplement is available for:

  • Residents on respite care
  • Residents on all levels of classification
  • Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH)

To claim the oxygen supplement for residents receiving eligible standard and/or higher oxygen treatments, the residential aged care service should complete and sign the Application for the Oxygen and/or Enteral Feeding Supplement form AC011_1305 (formerly 1888). Aged Care approved providers must advise of any changes that vary the amount being claimed, as well as any changes that affect the payment of the benefit to the service.  Higher oxygen supplements are also available depending on residents’ individual circumstances.

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How can we help? We have a range of solutions for nursing homes to enhance patient care and make your life easier.

Centralised billing

  • Air Liquide Healthcare has the ability to centralise your billing services and still identify the cost for each of your facilities. This cost saving benefit is being greatly appreciated by all of our customers. 

Oxygen supplement tracking services

  • We can help you claim 100% of the oxygen supplement by listing the patients on long term oxygen in your facility on your monthly invoices and reports.

Assistance with accreditation

  • It is our experience that each facility is at a different level of accreditation.  We have the internal expertise to provide employee training, scheduled maintenance on our equipment and to the equipment owned by the facility. This includes documented service schedules for your current medical oxygen equipment (examples: regulators, suction devices, flow meters and emergency medical oxygen kits).

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  • Our range of oxygen concentrators provides greater flexibility for patients and reduces costs for nursing homes.