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Integrated cylinders

Innovative, safe and economic

Air Liquide Healthcare’s integrated cylinder solutions provides medical facilities and healthcare professionals with innovative, safe and economic options. Our TAKEO2™ and Presence™ cylinders are ideal solutions for safer and easier use of medical oxygen.


TAKEO2, a major innovation in the medical oxygen field, is the first cylinder on the market with a digital gauge to display the remaining time of oxygen. TAKEO2 are ready-to-use medical oxygen cylinders with a built-in pressure regulator, an ergonomic cap, flow meter, and a digital contents gauge.

The ergonomic design and new functionalities provide superior benefits in terms of:

  • Greater patient safety
  • Time optimization
  • Improved ease-of-use
  • Faster oxygen set up
  • Cost efficiency

TAKEO2™ - Cylinder journey

Product Volume Weight
TAKEO2TM 2.8L 590L 6.5 kg
TAKEO2TM 5L 1,000L 8.2 kg
TAKEO2TM 20L 4,100L 32.2 kg

TAKEO2™ brochure

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Presence™ cylinders are an ideal solution for the safer and easier use of medical oxygen. With a fully protected integrated regulator and flowmeter they are ready for use whenever you are.

Key features include:

  • Ready-to-use medical oxygen cylinders
  • In-built regulator with flow meter
  • Fully protected integrated valve for superior safety
  • Unique locking feature to prevent accidental valve opening
  • Dedicated carry handle and bed/wall/trolley system removing OH&S issues
  • Available in small sizes for ambulatory needs and large size for backup applications


Product Volume Weight
PRC Cylinder 590L 6.5 kg
PR Cylinder 1,000L 8.3 kg
PRE Cyllinder 4,100L 30 kg
Air Liquide Healthcare’s Integrated cylinders – the innovative and economic option.


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