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Lung diffusion test mixtures

Pulmonary function

The lung diffusion test mixtures supplied by Air Liquide Healthcare are used in pulmonary function tests and to calibrate analytical instruments that measure the amount of carbon monoxide diffused through the lungs. Once a patient inhales a test mixture, their exhalation is analyzed to determine how well the lungs have diffused one of the carbon-based gases present.

Depending on the lung diffusion instrument, different mixes may be required. To respond to your diverse needs, we offer the following mixtures in several cylinder sizes:

  • 1,000 ppm carbon monoxide, 21% oxygen balanced with nitrogen
  • 0.3% carbon monoxide, 10% helium, 21% oxygen balanced with nitrogen
  • 0.3% carbon monoxide, 0.3% methane, 21% oxygen balanced with nitrogen
  • 0.5% carbon monoxide, 0.5% neon, 0.5% acetylene, 21% oxygen balanced with nitrogen balance
  • 0.5% carbon monoxide, 0.5% neon, 21% oxygen balanced with nitrogen

We are able to cater to your needs. If you require a mixture not listed above, please contact us. 

Air Liquide Healthcare’s lung diffusion test mixtures help quickly and easily identify lung function.


NOTICE: Administration of lung diffusion test mixtures may be hazardous or contraindicated. For use only by, or under supervision of, a qualified healthcare practitioner experienced in the use of lung diffusion test mixtures. 

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