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Associations and leadership

You can be sure that your patients are receiving the best care possible as we set the benchmark standards.

Industry leadership

Air Liquide Healthcare uses its position in Australia to actively participate in, lead and initiate further industry learning, including:

Professional associations

In order to maintain close ties with the medical community and ensure that it supports its patients and customers, Air Liquide Healthcare maintains memberships and partnerships with the following professional organisations:


“We are selective about the companies we work with, choosing companies that share out patient-centered approach.”

Heather Allan, CEO, Lung Foundation Australia

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Air Liquide Healthcare (ALH) has been an industry partner and sponsor of Lung Foundation Australia for well over 10 years. In particular we support the COPD program, but also Patient Awareness and Patient Education initiatives. 

Patient Education Days are held across the country every year to help patients better understand their disease and the role they have in managing it. ALH provides oxygen cylinders, equipment, manpower and practical support in all the capital cities. We’re there to make sure that patients get the best quality of life they can despite their conditions, which is a goal we share with Lung Foundation Australia.

Heather Allan, CEO, Lung Foundation Australia, declared: Without the financial support of companies like Air Liquide Healthcare we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do. We are selective about the companies we work with, choosing companies that share out patient-centred approach, that offer a product or service that is important and useful to patients,that are evidence-based and can help in a practical way. Air Liquide has a national reach, so they help raise awareness about the Lung Foundation and the services we provide. 



Certificates and Accreditations

We invite independent assessment of our performance by notified bodies and industry bodies to ensure that we are delivering the highest quality of patient care.

We're ISO9001:2008 certified (SAI Global).

CREATiVE Research Fund

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