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Total gas services

Cylinder management

Total Gas Service (TGS) is a unique program which embeds an Air Liquide Healthcare technician in your operation to work closely with your medical and engineering teams.

We help you improve:

  • Safety, compliance and risk management in the handling and storage of cylinders 
  • Cost savings
  • Staff productivity
  • Cost transparency
Total Gas Service (TGS) is designed to streamline and optimise all medical gas requirements in a medical facility.

Total gas services brochure

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“Using the experienced Air Liquide Healthcare staff instead of Hospital staff to deliver and store gas stocks within the Hospital helps maintain highest standards.”

Austin Health, Major provider of tertiary health services and health professional education and research inf the northeast of Melbourne

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As an early adopter of the Air Liquide Healthcare TGS (total gas services), Austin Health has enjoyed considerable benefits over more than 10 years:

Convenience. Air Liquide Healthcare handle the supply and delivery right to the ward location and they check stock levels and tweak delivery amounts to handle fluctuations in use.  An optimised delivery schedule has been established to suit Austin Health’s needs. In a dynamic health environment, Air Liquide Healthcare delivery staff can also be contacted by phone in emergencies when special deliveries may be required. Shortages have been virtually non-existent.

Expertise & Safety. Using the experienced Air Liquide Healthcare staff instead of Hospital staff to deliver and store gas stocks within the Hospital helps maintain highest standards. Main gas storage areas  and areas within wards and departments are optimally stocked and organised to maintain safety levels  and efficient supply. In addition, with the ALH staff interacting with Austin staff, information and advice can be passed on in a timely manner.

Value for Money. In Austin Health’s case and when considering the overall scope of the service, Air Liquide Healthcare can provide the TGS to a higher standard and lower cost the Austin Health would be able to do on its own. Austin Health is delighted with our association with Air Liquide Healthcare and the adoption of TGS model of service delivery.


Why choose us

  • 01


    Ensuring your patients’ and staffs’ safety is a top priority

  • 02


    A centralized point of contact for all your medical gas requirements, ensuring continuity of supply

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    Cost management and efficiency

    Cylinder usage report and inventory levels managed to optimal levels